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FOR MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL REGGAE DAY MONTREUX FEAT the wicket guitar player YONI VIDAL. Panache Culture is a crucible of musical genres: a reggae base style opening onto rap, raga, funk, hip hop, oriental influences and North African sonorities. The group sings in French, Arabic and English, touching in themes from life in general, their joys, sorrows and revolt. Take e.g. the group's third album, Roots Experience. It makes us travel through a new exotic musical world. With the extraordinary appearance of Jamaican artists such as Anthony B. and Prezident Brown, Panache Culture bring reggae music to a new dimension where tradition is melted with dance hall rhythms, souk sounds and sparkling vibes. Put together at the end of the 80's as a pure reggae band, Panache Culture follow the steps of the legendary Jamaican bands, mixing it all with their own musical style, full of funky and Arabic sounds. A perfect melting pot of cultures and vibrations.
The first two albums place Panache Culture as the best European backing band. The measure of this success is legitimate by the constant collaboration with top Jamaican performers such as Early 16, Mickey Spice, Daweh Congo, Prezident Brown and all the artists from Barry O'Hare label, X-rated. Unlike other European reggae bands, which strive for Jamaica, Panache Culture are capable to attract Jamaicans to the old continent.

In 1999 Mad Professor, who mixed the first two Panache Culture's albums: Tell them and Travel in a dream, produces and mixes Panache Culture in a dub, drum & bass, exotic experience, the album Moroccan sunrise, explosive cocktail of Reggae instrumental, dance and Berber-trance rhythms. The same atmosphere that we can find in Roots experience, in which Jamaican famous names such as Prezident Brown and Anthony B. are together with the French rappers Tita, Reggaemed, Yassin B. and Tazi Zora, voice from Magreb.

After three albums and collaborations with big names such as Mad Professor, Macka B, Rico Rodriguez and Black Steel, Panache Culture has released Le Discours, a group of 16 titles in French, completely representative of their musical influences and stage craft acquired over the years. A real treat live!

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